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Coronavirus - covid-19 prevention products

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Benefits for our clients:

We supply high quality safety products that comply with EU & US standards.

Help you comply with the HSE regulations in the workplace.

Help you to improve your security requirements & reduce work related accidents.

Save you time & money.

Increase employee moral leading to better productivity.

We can order most products for your particular requirements

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The Total Safety Company:

Retailers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and professional workwear in Malabo Equatorial Guinea

We supply a range of high quality PPE & HSE equipment that conforms with EU & US standards, stocking some of the leading brands on the market from safety helmets and footwear to fall arrest harnesses, lifejackets and fire extinguishers. This website has some examples of the products we sell, but please call or come into the store. If you are looking for anything in particular; we can also order most items for you from our extensive catalogues.

Anti-Coronavirus (Covid-19) Prevention Products

surgical mask

We now have in stock a range of PPE products to protect yourself and others from Covid-19: face masks, goggles and shields. Disposable gloves and hand & disinfectant wipes. Infrared thermometers, antibacterial disinfectant cleaning products and more...

Helmets, head, face and hearing protection

Safety Helmets

We sell a complete selection of approved safety helmets & hard hats from full brim hard hats to safety bump caps, all in popular styles and colors. Also safety goggles and glasses, eye visors for welding, respiratory masks. Protect your hearing with ear defenders and earplugs.

Safety workwear for all weather conditions


Work clothing & body PPE, includes high visibility clothing to make the worker more visible during day & night-time hours, waterproof, flame retardant, oil resistant, anti-static garments & coveralls. We have a wide range of protective gloves as injuries to hands are a common source of workplace injury.

Work clothing for general use


Practical work clothing, for daily use in sectors such as health, catering and cleaning. We stock a wide range of uniform, shirts, tunics, trousers, headwear and footwear, as well as many other accessories.

Practical workplace foot protection

Safety Boot

A wide variety of safety shoes and boots, ranging from overshoe protection to steel-toe boots. Employers must ensure that employees wear protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects or objects piercing the sole.

Fall protection, harnesses and rope access equipment

Fall Protection Harness

To protect workers at height. We offer a full range of high-quality fall protection equipment including rope and lanyards, harnesses & fall arrest kits, helmets, gloves, braking devices, pulleys, swivels, rigging systems and rope grabbers.

Fire fighting equipment

Fire Extinguishers

Various types of fire extinguishers and equipment to fight different types of fire hazard from Class A to F type fires.