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PPE Workwear

Workwear products shown here are just some examples of what we stock. We have and can order a wide range of brands and makes from our extensive catalogues. Please consult us for our full range.


Antistatic coverall

Firechief Antistatic Coverall. Orange, red blue, high visibility


Mach 2 Corporate Coverall. Adjustable, navy, beige, grey

High Visibility coverall

Portwest High Visibility Coverall. Side and chest pockets

light short sleeved coverall

Super Light Short Sleeved Coverall. Poly- cotton various colors


high visibility vests

High visibility vests.Various makes & colors

high vis waterproof jacket

High visibility waterproof jackets. Various makes & colors

high visibility sweatshirt

High visibility sweatshirts. Various makes & colors

rain suit

Dickies high visability 3 piece rainsuit

work jacket

Panoply M5VES work jacket. grey, beige, blue

pilot jacket

Dickies EH60000 Pilot Jacket. Waterproof multi pocket. Color: black

work jacket

Portwest TX10 Texo contrast jacket. Multi pocket. Black, blue, grey

Work trousers

high visibility trousers

High visibility trousers Various makes and colors

bib and brace

Portwest 9 pocket bib & brace. Colors: navy, blue, green

flame retardant anti static trousers

Portwest Flame retardant anti static trousers: orange, yellow

multi pocket trousers

Dickies EH30000 Multi Pocket Pro Trousers. Color: black