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Work clothing

Clothing for use working in sectors such as health, catering and cleaning. Products shown here are some examples of what we stock, but other similar products are available, and can also order a wide range of brands and makes from our extensive catalogues.


Lab Coat

Unisex Sanitary Lab Coat. Chest & 2 lower pockets

Sanitary Trousers

Unisex Sanitary Trousers w. elastic, zip, pockets white, green, blue

Sanitary Tunic V-Neck

Unisex Sanitary Jacket V-Neck. 3 pockets, white, green, blue

Sanitary Tunic Round Neck

Unisex Sanitary Jacket Round Neck. 3 pockets, white, green, blue


Cooks-chefs jacket

Unisex Cooks Jacket. Short or long sleeves buttons rev, white

Cooks-chefs jacket

Unisex Cooks Trousers. elastic w. zip, pokets blue/white weave

Kent Chefs jacket

Kent Chefs Jacket. For hot environments, short sleeves, black

Drawstring chefs trousers

Drawstring Trousers. Lightweight, elastic waist, drawcord, pockets, black

Lareg Square Apron

Large Square Apron. 100% cotton. Ajustable fastener, white

Apron with Bib

Apron with Bib. Tapes at neck & waist. Polyester-cotton, white, blue, black

Waiters Aprons

Waiters Aprons. We stock a selection of different sizes and colors

Chefs and Cooks headwear and caps

Chefs Headwear. We stock a selection of cooks headgear & caps


Female V-Neck cleaning tunic

Female V-Neck Jacket. Short sleeves & trimmings, white-blue, white-green

Female Shirt Collar cleaning jacket

Female Collar Jacket. Short sleeves & trimmings, white-blue, white-green

Elasticated cleaning trousers

Elasticated Trousers. Elasticated waist, 2 front pockets, blue, green

Elasticated cleaning trousers with zip

Elasticated Trousers with Zip. Elastic back, 2 front pockets, blue, green

Female cleaning gown and apron set

Gown & Apron Set. Short sleeves, apron pocket, white - blue, pink, green

Ladies Styled Cleaning Gown

Ladies Styled Gown. Short or long sleeves, white - blue, pink, green


Safari Waistcoat

Safari Waistcoat. Zip & pockets. Various makes and colors

Safety clogs and shoes

Unisex Safety Clogs and shoes. Various makes and colors

Crocs resin clogs

Crocs Classic Resin ClogsLightweight, unisex, white, blue, & other makes